Facebook Google+ Delicious StumbleUpon Digg Google Bookmark TwitThis Myspace TwitterA visit to PakistanPakistan is a famous country known to many as a terrorism center. However, it is one of the best places to have your fantastic holidays and adventures. Pakistan has endless tourists attractions that range from beautiful countless mosques, lovely cities, valleys to many mountainous landscapes. The country also has very friendly people not forgetting to mention the tranquil atmosphere that have all lured thousands of tourists from every corner of the world. I travelled to Pakistan with my whole family at the start of great school holidays to explore the beauties that were not yet known to us. We had the best moments of our lives that I got thrilled to share with others who are planning to pay a visit to Pakistan.A visit to PakistanOur first stop in Pakistan was at the stunning Lahore city. The city offers every kind of attraction you would ever want to see. We were first struck by numerous hordes of beautiful horses and charming donkeys that had filled every street in the city. They all seemed very busy with huge to small loads and were definitely transporting them to a place we hardly knew of. There were also lots of enticing oxen pulling attractive carts that were probably packed with ice cubes or hay. We liked this experience very much. There were also spectacular colossal buildings which you would hardly fail to see. The most amusing part was at the spice market where every kind of item was displayed. There were enormous sacks full of herbal medicines. My son was particularly impressed by the blue cloth dye which we were told was used to turn white shirts into gorgeous blue school shirts. We actually carried some of the dye home. This was indeed a scenic site to start off our fastidious visit.A visit to Pakistan A visit to PakistanWe then advanced to the astounding Lake Saiful Muluk. The lake was charming as it was well placed on a snow caped mountain. We enthralled ascending the beautiful mountain though in great fear of freezing before getting to the summit. We however, reached null of struggle. This was the most beautiful lake we had ever spotted. The lake had all its waters frozen such that we could barely tell where its territories extended to. We were also lucky enough to find a friendly local, who was tightly tied in attractive shawls, who put the real picture of the lake into our minds. The lake is closely associated with Persia’s Prince who is said to have fallen in love at the lake region with a fairy. It was indeed a delightful moment standing at this region. The spot was also a fabulous view point as we were able to explore the underlying gorgeous Kaghan valley. The valley was full of life with lots of greeneries. We cherished every moment we were at Lake Saiful Mulk and vowed to visit it again.A visit to Pakistan A visit to PakistanThe lovely Islamabad city was another place we had a breath taking moment while visiting. The city was exquisite in its composition. There were lots of friendly aliens who helped us greatly to feel welcome in Pakistan. The locals too were wonderful. Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and thus the unique composition was not there by surprise. It was indeed a city that is completely peaceful and the best to be in. We toured the impeccable Faisal Mosque that is situated within the town. Faisal Mosque is the most popular mosque in the world and thus a must to visit site. The mosque had spectacular architectural design that was hard to find anywhere else. Its mammoth size was more surprising that we took as many photos of it as we could. We walked into its interiors where our inquisitive eyes remained wide open with a great anxiety of capturing every beauty that we came across. It was so striking with hundreds of dedicated Muslims busy doing their usual things. It was however a bit tricky trespassing into it as we had to observe the strict norms followed there. HoA visit to Pakistanwever, the experience there was charming. Our visit was truly worth all our efforts                                                                                                                                        Karachi city was another enchanting place we hardly wanted to avoid while in Pakistan. The city is located on the Arabian coasts and will offer bountiful attractions. We were intensely amused by the numerous mind blowing buildings that exhibited the Anglo Indian architectural designs and thus revealing certain aspects of the city’s history. It was a great moment strolling round these beauties while admiring every bit of their charm. The city was also a resourceful center for art work. There were appealing art balconies with all Asian relics beautiful displayed and countless objects that had been put in place by the artists from Pakistan. We utilized every minute we spent at the galleries understanding and appreciating the captivating art works. It was a moment that will remain engrossed in our minds. Karachi city was also a perfect place to refresh. There were beautiful beaches that seemed untouched as they were pristine clean. We enjoyed swimming in the clean warm waters and more so lazing around the sand. We would certainly visit Karachi city in our next visit to Pakistan.A visit to Pakistan A visit to PakistanWe then headed to the dazzling Karimabad village. The village is located within the Hunza Valley and an incredible place to tour. We first visited the marvelous Old Baltit Fort. The short drive to the fort was magnetic as we found unique but attractive shops displaying all types of handicrafts we could ever think of. We found them so stirring that we bought two beautiful carpets and several dried fruits to carry home. The fort was captivating from every corner. We had to take it several snaps before heading to the CafĂ© de Hunza for some mouth watering coffee. We then trekked along the awesome irrigation conduit that surrounds the whole outstanding village and we got a good opportunity to explore more beauties. The canal led us to the good looking Ultar pasture that was definably charming. The meadow also offered first class panorama of the Ultar peak that was so temping that it compelled us to walk to it. This was one of the most scenic sight we had ever visited and so we tried all our level best to have enough of its photos. We were very mesmerized that our trip was with no doubt astoundingA visit to Pakistan A visit to PakistanWe also had great fun touring the wonders of Punjab city and specifically the striking Cholistan desert.  We drove through the desert amidst lots of lovely things to see. We were particularly amused by the brightly colored familiar animals that stood peacefully at every homestead we came across. It was a somehow surprising attraction but we were further astonished when we found that every person within the area had also worn very bright clothes. To end our bewilderment, we interacted with the social locals there who readily revealed to us that this culture was only meant to help cover the bare grounds that stretched out through the whole vast desert. We liked this experience very much and wished to stay there more to watch this inviting culture abhorred by the desert people. It was perfectly a remarkable place to be..A visit to Pakistan.We finally visited the Taxila city to feel its archeological touch. The city is ranked among the top most archeological places in the world.  We had a great moment venturing the famous Buddhist monastery. This was an eye catching site as we were able to witness clearly the gorgeous sun setting and more so feel the matchless serene atmosphere that was enclosed within the area.A visit to PakistanOne can hardly explore Pakistan’s attractions absolutely not even with a lengthy one month holiday. We actually did plan a second visit to Pakistan right at the Buddhist monastery.  ,,