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The land of Punjab is famous for its rich heritage, artwork and craftsmanship. Various cities of Punjab are famous for their specialized and unique characteristics that also include the artwork of those particular areas. The specialty of Multan that provides it fame all over the world is unique, mesmerizing art of blue pottery. Blue pottery is referred to describe the art in which blue ceramic designs are painted on the mud pots of various design by the skilled painters. Ceramic painting or blue pottery is an important cottage industry of Pakistan. The art work is appreciated and purchased not only in Pakistan but its famous all over the world.  The skill of creating blue pottery is called Multani Kashi or Multani pottery work introduced by the local craftsmen of Multan region. This craft is originally influenced by the Persian, Central Asian and Mongolian art and has originated from the city of Kashgar, in western China. But despite the fact that this art has its root to Central Asia, Multan has cemented its name for the indigenous and marvelous designs of blue Kashi work that reciprocates the Multan’s Art work.

Pottery of Multan_think twice pakistan

The unique blue color used to make beautiful, mesmerizing patterns on the clay pots and utensils is made up of cobalt oxide and copper oxide, combined. These beautiful pieces go through a long process that involves kneading, grinding, filtration, molding and baking the raw material at 800 degrees of heat which is executed with the help of machines, to reach to the final shape.

pakistan_tiles_marble_think twice pakistan

The exotic Kashi art patterns can be observed on the ceramic tiles used in shrines, mosques and other buildings such as Talpur tombs, Shrine of Ucchh Sharif located in Cholistan, Nawaban Mosque and Shrine of Shah Yousuf Qadri, Shrine of Sachal Sarmast and Shrine of Shah Abdul Latif Bhatai. Some of the artistic work of Kashi from multan has also been displayed in London Museum of Arts.

Pakistan_shrine_think twice pakistan