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Ayesha Hassan 'Zeitgeist Keeping Secrets' collection at Fashion Pakistan Week 4-4Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 has just rock the mind of the fashion lover that they have introduced a whole new world of fashion that has covered all the fashionstuff and made it transform in the modern style which is in front of you.
None of even single article has made the people to think that it is not a new thing. Each and every designer has just give its best creation to the Pakistan fashion industry. Right from the day on the Fashion Pakistan Week is stunning the people with the amazing fashion creation.

Well, this is the fourth edition of the Fashion Pakistan Week 4 which has been organized by the Pakistan Fashion industry to display the designer’s best creation for the viewers and fashion lover that they can know that what they actually fashion meant for the fashion designers.
The first day of The Fashion Pakistan Week 4 got started by the Veteran designer Sonya Battla. Her creation hit the ramp and the mind of the view in amazing way like with every dress was looking best of all. Sonya Battla mix the modern and revived embroideries feature in her high-end luxury collection.

After her that as Deepak & Fahad’s Squardf collection to display for which they were waiting from a long time and finally they let the people to see what they have created in the devastating collaboration of their mystical minds.
After them here come the creation of Maimoona Arshad who presented her designing under the theme of “Last Night” she has given her best collection and made everyone stunned on her thoughts and ideas.
After her Ayesha Hassan make the stage lightened with the marvelous designed dresses she present her collection with the inspiration of “Zeitgeist Keeping Secrets”. Well, the day’s gone end but the designs were like embossed on the mind of every viewer, but there was a lot of thing more to see on the day two which has been started with the Zahid Khan.
Zahid Khan delivered her ideas and designing which were based on the concept of Kuki. He made his inspiration to Frank Stella a famous painter and really used his ideas in his Western wear collection.

After that Nabeela Adeela let her designs to be the shine of the ramp under his fashion label of Nargis Hafeez Couture. She featured his collection with the purely traditional designs and styles and that was highly appreciated by the people.Ayesha Hassan 'Zeitgeist Keeping Secrets' collection at Fashion Pakistan Week 4-5
Ishtiaq Afzal Khan came the next with his latest collection which he has named with “Desert Rose” it seemed that he is inspired by the vast imposing desert and the richness of the soil.Veteran designer Sonya Battla Collection at Fashion Pakistan Week 4 Nargis Hafeez collection at Fashion Pakistan Week 4-19 Veteran designer Sonya Battla Collection at Fashion Pakistan Week 4-14