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The most vivacious city of Pakistan is Peshawar. At the edge of the Historic Khyber pass the city lies. The city is extraordinary for its notable and social qualities. Peshawar has seen numerous trespassers and voyagers travelling it by, from far and wide. There are various places to visit in this place and also things to do. Being a vital fringe city the bazaars of Peshawar are the most alluring. There is dependably a ton of action going on. The Story tellers market which is the Kissa Bazaar is the most fascinating of all. There is stock from all over focal Asia here.
Peshawar gets its name from "Pushpapura" a Sanskrit word importance the city of blooms. Peshawar's blossoms were specified even in the diaries of the Moghal Emperor Babur.                                                                                                        Mughal Bridge
Choha Gujar Village is found close Bara River and just after you take the Ring Road Just Touch the N5 GT Road, take the left Road to Pandu Road and towards Choha Gujar Village and here you will discover the River Bara and on River versifier is the 12 Arched extension that was made in 1629 by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan who likewise made Taj MahalMughal BridgeThe Mughal Bridge is on Choha Gujar Road and it is still utilized by Traffic actually when it is 300 years of age. From Any Where from Peshawar take a Taxi and ask to Reach Pandu Road and ring street chowk where it touches the GT street and go towards Pandu street and take a left to Choha Gujar street and there you will find this scaffold with 12 Arches and fit as a fiddle albeit Missing maybe a couple Domes .
An unquestionable requirement see for Local and Foreigners for Marvel of Mughal Architecture 300 Year Old.                                                                                         Shahi Bagh Gardens                                                        
This Royal Shahi Garden is discovered right Opposite the Bala Hisar Fort right in City focus of Peshawar , pay any Taxi taxicab or Rickshaw running on CNG 200 rupees from anyplace in Peshawar and he will take you there , and it is Garden made on 100 sections of land and is exceptionally Vast .
It can't be missed and this Shahi Bagh Gardens gives the Name City of Flowers to Peshawar as it was well known in Mughal times from 1550 to 1757 AD, it was during this time this Garden was made by Mughal King presumably in 1640,s and give a Beautiful Flowery viewpoint to Peshawar, with its surrounding Orchids of Fruits of Pears and Apricots.Shahi Bagh GardensThe Shahi Bagh in the year 1985 was shamelessly annihilated by creating a Cricket stadium within it, and then Peshawar High court as of late requested this to be uprooted.
This shameful conduct was carried out by a Military despot General zia Ul Haq and his named Governor. It is compassion 300 year old Garden is not on Radar guide of Archeology Department of Pakistan. This Garden has Historical Value that Pukhtunkhwa Province Ceremony happen in this Garden in.1901            Wazir Bagh Gardens                                                                                     .PESHAWAR: One of city's principle enclosures, Wazir Bagh, is step by step falling into vestiges after consistent disregard.
The recreation center goes again to the Mughal times. Arranged in the southern piece of the commonplace capital, it panders to individuals living in encompassing regions. Beforehand, the recreation center involved four substantial grounds with confounding asphalts. On the other hand, a couple of years prior one of its arms was transformed into a football stadium and an immense divider were developed amidst the groundWazir Bagh GardensWazir Bagh Gardens is a structure and two different structures going once more to its first development are additionally breaking apart down because of decay and absence of consideration.
"Individuals don't even utilize the principle street any longer, they utilize the arrangement as an alternate way," Bahadar said. He recommended that there ought to be some passage charge, regardless of how little, to decrease the quantity of guests in order to shield the arrangement from further corruption.                      Durrani Graveyard.                                                                                        To see the Cemetery Take a Cab or Taxi from anyplace in Peshawar and Ask he to go to Wazir Bagh and when once you achieve the Wazir Bagh go to South Corner of the Bagh or arrangement and Look for the Royal Durrani Cemetery Probably in South West corner.
Some of tombs Stones were Vandalized and stolen in 2010 and which is awesome Loss to Peshawar yet the graves still Exists and for somebody to Pay regards it is must seeDurrani GraveyardDurrani Cemetery and with Grave of Prince Akbar Khan who was saint of Battle of Maiwand 1878 that Defeated the British in child of King Sher Ali Khan furthermore Battle of Maiwand was made Famous Because of " Malalaa of Maiwand " Fame who was Bride who Gave her Life to Defend Afghanistan from British Occupiers and Defeated them under the Flag of Prince Akbar Khan.
This Hero of Pashtun Afghan is Buried here Near Wazir Bagh and can Be gotten to in South West corner of Wazir Bagh Peshawar and Beside the graves Lies the grave of Amir Sher Ali Khan the Father of Prince Akbar Khan furthermore Mother of Sher Ali Khan and Queen of Afghanistan .
This Royal Durrani Graveyard is Must see for History Buffs and People who Known Military History and Have Interest in Battles.                                                  Sphola Stupa.The Sphola Stupa is a second century Buddhist landmark in Zarai town close Jamrud. It is an indication of the immense Kushan Empire and Buddhism nexus which is regularly portrayed in Gandhara relics. Actually, Gandhara models were unearthed at this very Stupa and are currently housed in the exhibition hall in Peshawar.
As it is found in FATA, Federally Administered Tribal Area, in this way Permission of FATA Secretariat and Political Agent Khyber Agency is obliged to Travel here and particularly of Foreigners. Two approaches to Reach it , one is by Taxi from Peshawar and other is by Public Transport a Buss not Advisable for Foreigners and taxi would be Better yet to go from last Check Post in Karkhano Market is unrealistic without Proper Documentation .
One you reach there, then it is Magnificent Stupa yet it has been occupied and has been made a check Post by the FC or Levi Force and it is shamelessly being Misused and not being preserved despite the fact that it can be a UNESCO secured site.Sphola StupaRecall that, we are in the place where there is the Pathans - a totally male-commanded society. North and south of Peshawar spreads the inconceivable tribal zone where lives the greatest tribal society on the planet, and the most remarkable, however highly distorted.
Pathans are loyal Muslims. Their ordinary military and religious character has been shaped by their legends, the warrior artist and Rehman Baba, a minister furthermore a writer of Pushto dialect.
Today, they themselves watch the Pakistan-Afghanistan fringe along the colossal passes, yet before autonomy they effectively resisted strong realms, in the same way as the British and the Moghal and others before them, keeping the outskirt stewing with disturbance, and the fire of flexibility gladly smoldering.
Peshawar is the considerable Pathan city. What's more what a city! Aged with age and the section of twenty-five centuries, aromatic with the scent of delectable products of the soil meat and tobacco. ,,,,