Facebook Google+ StumbleUpon Digg Bloggy TwitThis Myspace TwitterHiran Minar is a Historical monument which is located in Sheikhupura near Lahore. Hiran Minar is known as the best tourism attraction. It was developed by Emperor Jahangir as a landmark to Mansraj, one of his pet deer.Hiran Minar is a historical monument which is situated in Sheikhupura and also considered as the best attraction for the tourist from the whole world. Hiran Minar is situated in quiet environs close Lahore in Sheikhupura, Pakistan. It was developed by Emperor Jahangir as a landmark to Mansraj, one of his pet deer. The structure comprises of a substantial, practically square water tank with an octagonal structure in its focus, assembled throughout the rule of Mughal sovereign Shah Jahan; a boulevard with its own particular entryway interfaces the structure with the territory and a 100-foot high minaret. At the focal point of each flank of the cistern, a hunk slope slants down to the water, endowing access for imperial creatures and wild amusement. The Minar itself was assembled by Emperor Jahangir in 1606 to distinction the memory of a pet chasing gazelle named Mansraj. Unique characteristics of this specific complex are the impala's grave and the notable water accumulation framework. At every corner of the tank, is a little, square building and a subsurface water accumulation framework which supplied the tank; stand out of these water frameworks is broadly uncovered today. Another exceptional characteristic of Hiran Minar is its area nature: the highest point of the Minar is maybe the best place in the territory of Punjab to get a feel for the broader scene and its relationship to a Mughal site. Looking north from the highest point of the Minar, one can see a patch of timberland which is comparable to the clean woods vegetation of Mughal times, while to the west are widely watered fields, a result of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, yet comparative in size and manifestation to the decently inundated fields of the Mughal period. Mughal rulers were enamored with chasing and such grounds were a critical part of the nature. The Hiran Minar is one of the best known and generally wonderful of such sities. It used to be the most beloved chasing spot of all Muslim rulers. Only North of Sheikhupura town lays a chasing complex regarded as the Hiran Minar. Hiran Minar is 43 kms away from Lahore and 9 kms away from Sheikhupura. Throughout the district of Emperor Salim from 1605 to 1627, Sheikhupura had the status of a majestic hunting ground. Mughal Emperor Jahangir requested to assemble a tower and a grave for his pet deer named as Mansraj, in Sheikhupura. History uncovers that he chased in the range where Hiran Minar was later fabricated with his companions and detected a deer he tried to murder, yet unintentionally executed his own particular top choice, Mansraj. The sovereign comes to be sad to the point that he requested to cover deer in the ground where it kicked the bucket and assemble a tower called Hiran Minar. This is an extremely extraordinary sample of affection towards a pet,a signal of adoration towards untamed life in a period when the western planet was even not acquainted with such propositions. A remarkable characteristic of this specific complex is the pronghorn's grave and the unique water gathering framework. At every corner of the tank, are a minor square building and a subsurface water accumulation framework which supplied the tank. The Mughals are known for their affection, wonderfulness and nature. The Mughals were beguiled by arrangements, fortifications, mosques and mausoleums, where they existed they raised a structure in any of the above form. Hiran minar is an alternate development from all of Mughal spots and a novel one inside its subject and concept. How to Get at Hiran Minar: Book your Cheap Flights to Lahore and travel to Lahore. After reaching Lahore you may easily reach at Hiran Minar by hiring a car or travelling through bus which may take less than hour to reach there. - See more at: http://www.gopakistan.no/cityplace/hiranminar-28#sthash.EqI0ssiR.dpuf