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Proud nations always look ahead and proceed with a great pace by adopting the latest developments but never forget the basic elements of their society. They love their culture and traditions and leave no stone unturned in keeping their culture alive and
also employ their maximum potential in its promotion.

But, unfortunately, the people of Pakistan have reversed the situation as they are leaving their own traditions and are adopting foreign culture to pose them as ‘modernists’. They think that their respect in the society lies in adopting foreign culture.
They do not even think that by doing it, they are losing, or have lost, their own identity.

Not long ago, we were rich in everything that is required to form a culturally rich society. We had the most fascinating traditions and also had respect in the whole world. People from around the world used to visit Pakistan because of its distinctive culture
because it was the outcome of more than one thousand years. But now we stand nowhere as we are destroying our beautiful traditions with our own hands and this process has penetrated very deep in our society.

Those nations who leave their culture and adopt the foreign traditions always fail to get recognition in the world. Because they destroy their own identity and live a life according to the standards set by others. We have gone too far in this respect as
we think ourselves superior against all society by adopting a foreign culture.

Media has played the pivotal role in this regard because on all channels are busy in promoting a foreign culture. In dramas on Pakistani channels, it is quite apparent that the local culture is at the verge of death.  We have lost our honour in the whole
world as we do not love our culture and have preferred to live a life which is borrowed from others.

If we want to survive as a distinctive nation in the world and want to recuperate our lost prestige, which we had a few decades ago, then we must love our culture and have to promote its traditions not only in every corner of Pakistan but everywhere in the
whole world. This is the only way that will make our nation proud and will get us our lost prestige back.
- See more at: http://www.newspakistan.pk/2011/12/23/The-quest-to-recuperate-a-lost-prestige/#sthash.SnUZG1lY.dpuf